Bio-Health Extra Magnesium 125mg in Vegetable Capsules – 60caps


BIO-HEALTH Extra Magnesium 125mg in Vegetable Capsules 60 caps

Magnesium is an essential component of bones and teeth. It is widely available from popular items in the diet such as bananas, nuts, dried fruit, meat and cereals, however, not all diets obtain an optimum level. In such cases, Extra Magnesium may help you to make up this shortfall.

Magnesium is involved with some of the B vitamins acting as a co-factor in hormonal and enzymatic activity. It is also closely involved in the body’s use of calcium and helps deposit calcium in bones, and without doubt an important mineral for muscular and nerve functions.

Bio-Health’s unique blend of magnesium sources includes Magnesium gluconate (for added bio-availability) and provides 100 mg of pure elemental Magnesium. Three capsules daily equals 100% of the European Union’s daily recommended allowance and is recommended if the diet is poor or lacking in foods containing Magnesium.

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